Christopher Rodgers is co-founder and operations manager of Radicle Herb Shop. He is enrolled in Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism and the distant-learning program at the North American Institute of American Herbalism. Chris hopes to use his training as a clinical herbalist and his own empirical lessons to assist others on their path to explore new ways to optimize health and well-being.

Prior to discovering herbal medicine, Chris spent his childhood in rural New Jersey working on the family farm and on his own adventures exploring the local pine forests. Later in his youth, he became inspired to engage in the various schools of plant studies and soon after began his Brooklyn-based gardening business. It is when he introduced to herbal medicine and his time spent with a local herbalist in Talent, Oregon that a new passion arose and his enthusiasm truly blossomed..  



Dana Perry spent most of her childhood building homes for resident fairies (and other small woodland creatures) in rural north Idaho. More formal education in Sociology permeates her current work with plants, highlighting the importance of micro and macro social institutions and their impact on personal experience. She believes that herbs allow humans to be unique and whole beings, not a series of broken parts to be remedied bit by bit - and without regard to mind, spirit, personal and sociocultural identity. She also is a freelance writer for various nonprofit organizations, individual artists and small businesses, though currently she's just been writing a lot about plants. She holds an M.A. in Sociology from The New School and is currently studying clinical herbalism at ArborVitae in NYC.



Marina Buksov, a.k.a. Dr. Marina Book, is a registered Doctor of Pharmacy, Health Coach/Nutritionist, and lifelong learner of the healing arts. She is currently studying at Arbor Vitae Traditional School of Herbalism in New York, and also learning functional nutrition under Andrea Nakayama. Marina hopes to use her pharmacy knowledge in an integrative approach to healing a person holistically, using the least invasive and most natural means possible; customized for individual needs and to achieve a state of balanced well-being.

Marina is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others, and can be reached via her health/wellness website called 

When she is not studying, Marina likes to dance, paint, and make various concoctions (tea blends, meals, DIY projects). 



Maeve Carver is an herbalist, youth facilitator, community organizer, and musician. She was born and raised in New York City and is passionate about holistic community health and wellness. She uses herbalism as a tool to empower herself and others to re-connect with nature, to inspire a sense of interconnectedness, and to understand our own individual health through this lens of communal wellness. She is a graduate of the Arborvitae School of Traditional Herbalism and is a practicing herbalist in NYC. For more information about her practice, check out her website and blog at