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Animal Totems & Herbalism with Matthew Wood and Vanessa Chakour

Each of us is part human and part animal.  The human part of us (consciousness, awareness, freewill) depends upon the animal part for all that we know through the senses.  The animal world is the sensory world; animals survive by their senses.  It is also the instinctive world.  The human communicates largely by words, the animal by instincts. In our class we will explore the existence of the animal, instinctual self within each of us through select martial arts based movement and meditations and discuss integration of this awareness into daily life. We will also be sharing herbal infusions that include plants of the “spirit signatures” (when a plant looks like or is used by an animal) and will discuss the major animal medicines (bear, wolf, turtle, cat family, deer, rabbit, eagle, crane, spider, snake, alligator, underwater panther, etc.). This class is an intimate, experiential follow up to the July 29th at the Open Center. Open Center class not required. Register early to reserve space.

About the Teachers

Matthew Wood, is an internationally renowned herbalist practicing since 1982, is the author of six acclaimed books, including The Book of Herbal Wisdom, The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism, and 2 definitive guides, The Earthwise Herbal, one volume on Old World and one on New World plants. He is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild.

Sacred Warrior Founder, Vanessa Chakour, has been cultivating her multi-dimensional approach as a teacher, artist, athlete and trainer for over 15 years. As an avid environmentalist and herbalist, she is passionate about helping people deepen relationship to their own bodies and the body of the earth. She has incredible partnerships with the Wolf Conservation Center in So. Salem NY along with wildlife organizations in Central America where she offers Sacred Warrior workshops and retreats that forge connections to nature from the inside-out. As a former professional fighter, trainer, long time meditation practitioner and teacher, she approaches boxing as an internal and external martial art, integrating exercises to increase self-awareness, instinct and intuition.

Animal Totems & Herbalism
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