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Elemental Herbalism: Plant Teachers and the Five Directions with Jonathan Edwards

It's nice to learn a little about a lot of herbs, but going deeper with a few chosen plant allies can be richly rewarding. This class delves into five herbs, corresponding with the Chinese five elements: Rosemary (Fire), Mallow (Water), Yarrow (Metal), Blue Vervain (Wood) and Burdock (Earth).

We’ll taste them and discuss each one’s properties, from Burdock’s grounding,nourishing warmth to Mallow’s softness to Yarrow’s gifts of vertical alignment and strong boundaries. Budding herbalists should find plenty to chew on, while more experienced students and practitioners will benefit from the chance to deepen into their relationships with these generously gifted plants.

About Jonathan:
Jonathan Hadas Edwards, MSOM, LAc is a Brooklyn-based herbalist, acupuncturist, and writer. Blessed to come into close contact with several wisdom traditions, he’s dedicated to sharing nourishment from their deep wells for the sake of vitality, clarity, and alignment. More about his work at

Elemental Herbalism