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Natural Magic of Herbs

A class for those interested in using plants in everyday magic and ritual.

In this modern age, an interest in magic is sometimes depicted as nothing more than a

kind of escapism from the real world. But to our pre-modern ancestors the very lives

of plants, herbs, trees and roots were richly enchanted. These green spirits, and the

materials they provide, offer us powerful tools for living healthier, happier lives.

In this workshop, historian of magic and diviner Dr Alexander Cummins takes us

through some of the fundamental principles of the natural magic of plants, offering

frameworks for performing and developing our own herbal spell-work. We will go

over how to formulate spiritual baths and washes, charm-bags, and oils, as well as

exploring various uses of herbs in candle magic.

Finally, we will also learn about traditional practical magical formulae for cleansing,

home protection, love, success, wealth and even for improving your own divination

and sorcery skills.


Dr Alexander Cummins is an historian, poet, and diviner. His work focuses on

medicine and magic – examining how various occult philosophies and sorcerous

practices throughout time have sought to heal and harm, to reveal hidden knowledge,

and to interact with the worlds of spirits and the dead. His doctoral research examined

the early modern magic of the passions, and he has written on astrological magic,

herbalism, amulets and many other topics. He can be found at www.alexander-