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The Dream Circle with Caroline Parsons

The Dream Circle is a facilitated dream sharing circle - a wonderful ritual to access the power of nighttime dreams in our waking lives! Dream sharing is integral to many cultures around the world, and is a wonderful way to connect with wisdom from the collective unconscious. 

You will experience gentle hypnosis and a facilitated dream sharing circle. 

This circle is for people who want to understand their dreams or who want to dream more, and for people who are curious about the magic workings of the subconscious. 

If there is a recent dream that you remember, please bring one with you to share! 

Get ready for a MAGICAL experience!!!

Caroline Parsons is a hypnotherapist and yoga teacher. She loves plants and sources strength and metaphor from her experiences as a farmer and gardener. She facilitates nurturing rituals for deep connection and play through her company Ritual Life. You can connect with her at

The Dream Circle
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