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Herbs for Intuition

Are you intuitive? Do you sometimes just KNOW, but you can't explain how? In this class, we will learn about different herbs and herbal preparations to build your intuition and strengthen that sense of self-awareness. We will learn the history of various herbs that have assisted in this process throughout time, and sample practices and tinctures to open up your path to greater knowing and clarity.

Betsy Davis is a medical intuitive and healer, blending her background in herbal medicine with her unique, spiritual gifts as an intuitive channel and psychic medium. Betsy's decade long career with the United Nations and other humanitarian aid organizations brought her to research and become certified in multiple healing modalities to overcome PTSD, chronic anxiety and life-threatening health conditions. She brings her years of experience as a social worker, therapist and herbalist to her practice, fostering a sense of community and healing with intention. For more information about Betsy, see her website here.

Herbs for Intuition
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