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Meridian Diagnosis

Learn about the meridians, or energy channels, of Chinese medicine and how they are used to understand health and disease in the body and mind.  The class will cover organ and body system associations with the meridians as well as associated foods and herbs.  Students will learn the meridian pathways, major acu-points, and the indications of certain pains, rashes, and other symptoms along the meridians, as well as the indications of soreness upon finger pressure at diagnostic points.  We will also cover self-care exercises like meridian stretches, self shiatsu, and more.  Though each class is designed to build upon one another, each class can function as an isolated unit. 

$40 per class or $200 for the whole series (beginning Feb. 19th)

While open to all, some knowledge/experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine will be helpful in this series. 

Meridian Diagnosis - 3/18
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Meridian Diagnosis Whole Series
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