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Fertility Herbs and Ceremony

Come learn about herbs and practices to boost both female and male fertility and prepare mind, body and spirit for your little one. Join us to create a sacred fertility ceremony based upon ancient rituals of medicine women across the globe.

Led by Betsy Davis, medical intuitive and herbalist

A former UN aid worker and social worker with 15 years’ experience, Betsy's passion lies in coaching women to tap into their own healing reserves to recover from mental and physical trauma and long-term illness. Her time with the UN and non-profit organizations brought her to work in eight different countries on three continents, learning herbal medicine from traditional healers all over the globe. After rebuilding her own mental and physical health from Lyme disease, multiple chemical sensitivity and trauma, she now shares the gift of healing with others interested in full recovery through plant medicine and life coaching. 



Fertility and Ceremony
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