Welcome to the Herbal Blend Monthly Program! 

A program for learning and expanding Materia Medica and a model that can bring insight into the dynamic relationship between plants & people. We present Materia Medica Monthly as a method for learning the effects of herbs from sampling & tasting lending to practical experience.


This program can help bring clarity to our sensing, knowing, and understanding of herbal remedies and therapeutics. This way of Learning is essential for the herbal student or practitioner as they expand their experiential herbal knowledge- immersing themselves in ongoing and repeated tasting, testing, and sampling of their herbs.


How can we maximize our direct experience with herbs?

·       Sample herbs every day. 

·       Continue to test for yourself what you learn in books or verbally from others. 

·       Learn how to perceive the energetic effect upon yourself.


When you taste an herb, what questions will you ask?

First, sample the herb, and feel its initial sense impression in the mouth and sense its effects on your mind.

Then feel the immediate sense of the herbs effect throughout the system, feel changes in your pulse. Wait quietly, and at the ten to twenty minute point, assess the total effect that the herb had on your being. Take the herb in mild to moderate doses two to four times a day for at least three days. Notice the difference or exaggeration of effects by the end of day three. 


More questions to explore.

·       Is this herb hot or cold? Does it warm me up or cool me off? 

·       Is this herb moistening or drying? Does it allay my thirst or make me thirsty? Does it moisten or dry my mucous membranes? 

·       What imaginal impressions does this herb evoke in my mind when I take it?

·       Does it make me feel more fortified and toned up, or more relaxed in systemic tension? 

·       Does my energy move in a direction in my body? Rising up toward the head? Falling down toward my feet? Floating up toward my surface? Sinking in toward my core?

·       Does the herb seem to have any tissue or organ affinities? 

·       Do I experience any medicinal effects or side effects?


Sampling your herb.

Sample the herbs at a time when you are relaxed and aware. Feel your breath moving in and out, be aware of your heartbeat and respiration, and pay attention to your mood and general state of tension or relaxation. Be aware of and feel the vital nature within your body and your mind.

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