Midwifery and Herbs Workshop Series: Part I

Midwifery and Herbs Workshop Series: Part I

from 15.00

7/27 7:15pm-8:45pm

Queer midwife Chloë Lubell, CNM, will be introducing her Herbs & Midwifery class series in which she will share her passion and knowledge about holistically planning a pregnancy, surviving 9 months of pregnancy, and the postpartum period.  This workshop will emphasize the support and connection that can be found from herbs to safely boost fertility and improve health.

In Preconception Care, Midwives Chloë Lubell and Shira Moss will share information about improving egg health, how to chart your cycle and pay attention to your body’s signs of ovulation, how to improve your cycle length, and how to get pregnant once your body is ready.


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