Are You Interested in Teaching at Radicle?


We would love to hear your ideas! Here's how ...

Email with:

  1. An introduction to yourself as a teacher and the work you do, including relevant schooling and years of experience.
  2. A brief description of the class you would like to teach, as well as three possible dates for class time (check our calendar for an idea of availability). Note: we ask that you give us two weeks advance notice, so if you send an email request March 1st, the earliest you could plan the class would be March 15th. Keep in mind, the more time given, the more time to publicize!
  3. A price point for each person for the class (ex: $20 per person). Note: we are a community herb shop and intentionally keep classes as affordable as possible.

Once we confirm the date with you, we give you two days to send us an official class description and photo to use for our calendar and social media. We can't wait to hear from you!